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I am  currently offering two classes for BOOMERS:

Tuesday at 5:30 and Thursday at 10:00 am. Focus is on immunity boosting, strengthing, stress reducing asana. Six students are distanced, masked, and bring own props. First come first serve, TEN bucks (if you come both days Thurs is $5!). You must let me know ahead of time. I will not card you if you are not a baby boomer so LMK if you are interested. I can add classes if needed.

An instructional video is being edited and will be offered in July for a reasonable fee.   


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I am in process of updating this website (note; blog posts may not have entered for the last 2 months!) and have Finally figured out how to teach! Short version, I have a studio to teach and make instructional videos at called The Clearing at True North Health Care,  Bemidji, Mn. So far Ive made one video and taught one live class! More to be announced as Im following  safely guidlines and will grow classes as needed.  I wasn't planning on teaching studio yoga again but the opportunity to do so is too good to be true. I'm on board as a Collaborator @ True North and the possibilities for bringing yoga and the healing arts are an exciting goal even during this challenging time. By the end of this month I'll be situated for July.  Stay posted and lmk if you have any questions. You may be recieving an email as Ive also updated my lists). Be well! 

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I will be teaching yoga in The Clearing Studio at True North Health Care. Two classes for Boomers (or "older" folks, yes Gen X youve made the cut) and one for Millenials. Masks, marked spots, and hands will be part of the drill. Stress reduction, immunity strengthening, and grounding will be taught by me using Kripalu approach.  Ten bucks, days and times are being worked out and Im in the  process of getting feedback so talk to me if you are interested.  You will be given an invitation to join me. No more than six bodies in the room which is spacious and meticulously sanitized. 

I have also made a video that will be offered later this month.  I never thought Id reurn to teaching in a studio but this space is too good to be TRUE in the north.  Be safe, be well, lets embrace our aliveness together!

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It is June 2nd today and America is in crisis.  Co-vid 19 has created a new eerie normal and a black man was murdered by police in my city, Minneapolis.  I was going to Guest Teach Yoga at a couple places there and I was going to bring LIght Up Your Yoga (pranayama focus) to other places in our region.

Now I am trying to navigate the above, my daughter lives right in the heart of South Mpls. There is an outpouring of love and light being sent to her, a strong, independent millenial. And my husband and I continue to stay socially distanced the best we can so we dont get the virus. 

BUT, I will begin video taping classes this Friday in The Clearing Studio at True North Health Care. I will be offering professional instruction by the end this month. Details will be posted so check back!  Zoom simply didnt feel right to me, I want you to have something that you can use for practice anytime. 

Ahimsa.....non-violence.    Satya....truth.   May it be so , PEACE

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Greetings! This will be a short post as I am figuring out how to teach Yoga in "the new normal." I've hedged at doing any instruction at home, instead I'm updating my student lists going back many years and Im adding family, colleagues, friends.....I thought I'd begin by inviting folks to just practice with me. Maybe I'll still do that but I'm hoping I can get in The Clearing Studio by myself and begin with All Level Kripalu classes. They cover it all; asana, pranayama, moving meditation and riding waves of emotion. My practice has deepened during this surreal time, I know that my teaching will address the change at all levels. SO hang tight, I will have a colloborators meeting with True North Health this month and I'm envisioning reaching you from there. Meanwhile stay connected. Kriplau is working on virtual classes. The Yoga Center Reatreat Mpls. has a wonderful selection. May you be happy, healthy, and safe.

Karen Filardo: 218-760-9642 (YOGA)
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