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Every week I've been speaking about the possibility of putting classes on hold and the time has come to do so. Governor Waltz has requested that we all Pause for the next 2-4 weeks to halt the further spread of the virus. I cancelled Thur. Nov 19 class and will not teach again until it is clear to do so (Governor says Dec 18.) But stay tumed to this blog! If it is safe to return to The Clearing sooner you will be the first to know!  I have put the brakes on videos but if by some miracle I warm up to Zoom I'll let you know that too. Feel free to call me my Dear Sangha, and others that want to chat about Yoga. 

I'm spending quality time on the mat, take this time to deepen your practice.  Find gratitude and above all Be Well.  Peace, Ambi K!

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I am happy to announce that I've added a yoga class on Tuesdays and the schedule for the remainder of the month is;

TUESDAYS:  4:00 - 5:10 (70 min) Gentle/Moderate Level 

                     5:30 - 6:45 (75 min) Seasoned Kripalu Practioners

THURSDAYS: 11:00 - 12 :10 All Levels 

                   ** Adding a 12:30 class is an option as well, stay tuned

NOTE;  I have mapped out the floor and want to have less people in the room (covid) adding classes for even better safety makes sense in addtion to offering different practice levels. "Seasoned Practioners" are those that have been practicing  Kripalu Yoga (or another tradition) for quite some time. Also I may start classes earlier on Tuesdays once it get really cold.  Prices remain the same. Scroll below to see my other entry from this month.  BE WELL, contact me with any questions!  Namaste  

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 YOGA at The Clearing;

Classes are being held Tues @ 5:30 and Thurs @ 11:00 am. $10 walk in, $15 for both if you come twice a week. Six bodies max, masked and distanced. Bring your own mat and props. We have develped a Sangha so "regulars" are coming but I will add another class depending on need (eg before or after the ones I'm now teaching.)  Please notify me ahead if you are interested in classes, have any questions, and most importantly lmk if you will NOT be coming so others on my short list can. 

I am going with the flow of need in our commnity. Creating safe space for people struggling with isloation. I have unfortunatly not been able to complete my videos, the virus is on the move and live taping can wait. ** check out Kripalu Commect, they have a variety of great videos you can reasonably purchase.

Also I have studio space available to use for small private or individual classes. I will slide cost and will take donations as well. These are Trying Times and my intention is to serve first. NOTE; all my protfit is going to True North Health Care, a jewel in Bemidji. Dr. Pittman keeps me informed on "the spread." I deeply honor her and Dr Salters hard work. I bow to all health care workers.

Hopefully I will have an email list updated soon and I can reach out to you,  the intention is to guide interested people to this blog. I really don't know what i'm doing as I navigate through the current insanity and yet I know exactly what I'm doing when I get on the mat; allowing PRANA to guide me, and PRANA guide you 

OM SHANTE PEACE  Ambi or Karen RUTH (proud to have her name) 









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I'm happy to report that yoga at The Clearing has going really well and I will continue to offer All Level classes;

TUESDAY: 5:30  and THURSDAY: 11:00 (new time beginning 10/8)  $10.  Bring your own mat and props. 

Classes are limited to six people max, properly distanced and masked. I need to know if you are coming (or not coming) ahead of time as space is limited. Boomers dominate but again I wont card you!

I will stick to teaching on these days but will add more classes if need be. We have develped a Sanga that is pretty special and intimate in the midst of this crazy time. True North staff make it possible to meet safely, the environment is super clean and the Doctor(s) are well informed on covid 19 in our area. 

Launching videos is still a work in process, my video guy lives in Fargo and we'll continue taping this month. 

Please contact me with any questions!  I'm open to meeting your needs including private sessions etc.  And ENJOY the fall weather, the sun when its beaming, the stars when they are glittering. Our air is clear, take it in, and send love to those who are stuggling in the west with fires.    PEACE........Shante Om, Ambi or Karen RUTH!!  



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Hello!! Its almost been a year since my Dad died. Since then clearing out his life on his farm has been a full time job as I live in the same "neck of the woods" and am his first born daughter. Aside from sorting, cleaning, hauling, lifting, scrubbing, packing, throwing, (swearing) and shedding tears, I discovered endless treasures that defined his life and mine. It has been a thrill to find things that he hauled to northern Minnesota from my childhood in Mpls. Things that were my Moms who died when I was 14, things that we made in school, etc. Obviously teaching Yoga was not a  priority or a possibility due to Covid 19. When The Clearing opened up, I lit up, and I do have intentions for this fall. By the middle of the month I will have one less home and I canbegin to heal my body as stress has turned me into a hot mess! I did take time to breathe in fully, breathe out slowly, and throw in a down dog once in awhile this summer but my "whole self" is crying out for more!  I love teaching Yoga so heres what I indend to do this fall:

Kripalu Yoga Classes: ( for Boomers but you wont be carded) are the same:  Tuesday 5:30 and Thursday 10:00 $10, you need to let me know if you are coming (or not if you are a regular) as the studio can safely serve 6 bodies max. I will add more small classes if need be.

Ambi Yoga Videos: The first one was made this summer and another will be made this month. I honestly have had no time to work with the Videotographer or figure out how to launch them but I will. You will be able to purchase them online to do at home in October when were back inside more.

Mini Retreats:  The one day Mini Retreat with Sudha Lundeen was a wonderful, fabulous, outside,  love fest. A seven hour informative, relaxing, beautiful experience with Kripalu,s Goddess of Self Care. She was awed by Benidjis cool women as well. INTENTION: bring you more workshop opptunities for practice and learning with True North Collaborators .How? I dont know yet but we are a creative force so stay tuned.

Yoga for Immunity Strengthening: Kim Hegland, Yoga Teacher specialiizing in populations with special issues (like cancer recovery) will be teachings a small group on Sunday evenings at The Clearing. Contact me if you are interested and I will connect you to her. She will do this until the end of Oct.

I want to THANK YOU dear students, colleagues, friends, family, for your ongoing love and support while I navigated through The Farm. My Dad started buying the land as a very young man when he got out of the Navy. He planted Norway Pines, he had an old farmhouse until he left the Twin Cities, he built a new house and its now being passed on to a rural family who will love it. My brother and I still have 165 acres to roam reminding me of how Scandinavian I am, how connected to nature I am/we are here in the North Woods.   


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