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 YOGA at The Clearing;

Classes are being held Tues @ 5:30 and Thurs @ 11:00 am. $10 walk in, $15 for both if you come twice a week. Six bodies max, masked and distanced. Bring your own mat and props. We have develped a Sangha so "regulars" are coming but I will add another class depending on need (eg before or after the ones I'm now teaching.)  Please notify me ahead if you are interested in classes, have any questions, and most importantly lmk if you will NOT be coming so others on my short list can. 

I am going with the flow of need in our commnity. Creating safe space for people struggling with isloation. I have unfortunatly not been able to complete my videos, the virus is on the move and live taping can wait. ** check out Kripalu Commect, they have a variety of great videos you can reasonably purchase.

Also I have studio space available to use for small private or individual classes. I will slide cost and will take donations as well. These are Trying Times and my intention is to serve first. NOTE; all my protfit is going to True North Health Care, a jewel in Bemidji. Dr. Pittman keeps me informed on "the spread." I deeply honor her and Dr Salters hard work. I bow to all health care workers.

Hopefully I will have an email list updated soon and I can reach out to you,  the intention is to guide interested people to this blog. I really don't know what i'm doing as I navigate through the current insanity and yet I know exactly what I'm doing when I get on the mat; allowing PRANA to guide me, and PRANA guide you 

OM SHANTE PEACE  Ambi or Karen RUTH (proud to have her name) 









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