Friday, August 21, 2020, 19:08

Thank You  to the Ten wonderful women for saying yes to the mini retreat this coming Tuesday Aug 25. It will start at ten am and end at five. My address is 8062 Apollo Ct NE (off Little Bass Lake Rd) Sudha will guide us through some Ayruvedic Self Care, Gentle Yoga, Good conversation, and a bit of writing. Well have a fire and toss what we dont need into it!  I have plenty of yard space and we will maintain social distancing, and the weather looks good.  Ill have Clorax for using the restroom or enjoy the bushes! Heres what you need to bring:

Appropriate outside clothing (beach wear if you want to take a dip) yoga mat, blanket, pillow, your favorite lawnchair ( I have them too.)

Also pack a notepad for writing, and food to share.  You will get a sampling of Kitchari, and tea, but please bring some fruit, or vegtables, and protein of your choice if so desired. Our water here is good, bring your bottle.

I have bug stuff or bring your favorite kind to protect from deer ticks

Cost is $50 (unless were trading) bring a check ( issued to Carolyn Lundeen, not me) or cash.  

I am so excited for us to be a part of an intimate gathering, and one led by not only a Master but my "big sister"...."older sister" you are  in for a treat.  lmk if more questions!   Shante OM, Ambi K

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