Monday, August 17, 2020, 14:06

On August 25 I will be hosting a Mini Retreat at my house (on Stump Lake) for 10 Women. Sudah Lundeen (Legacy Teacher @ Kripalu Center, google her) will guide us through self-care and tips for balancing LIFE!! Some gentle yoga, a taste of Aryuveda, conversation, and fun.  I'll post what to bring beforehand. $50 for a day of healing and happiness.  I need your YES so we can move forward with planning. Five spots have been secured. Again I'll give more details soon.  

LMK if you are attending either of  my weekly classes ( day before or morning of) as 5 students are the max.  The Clearing remains clean, ventilated, and bodies are distanced. Mouths and noses covered.  Tues 5:30, Thurs 10:00 am, $10.   

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