Tuesday, August 4, 2020, 17:42

My so called YOGA SCHEDULE deserves an explanation:

My life is CRAZY as I am nearing the finish line for emptying out my Dads farm, it sold!  It is an intense experience that takes all of my time (along with three gardens) and the virus makes it all the more surreal.  That said I am able to offer the following:

Classes In The Clearing,  Tues @ 5:30 and Thurs @ 10:00 am. $10. Masks are required, mats are 6 plus feet apart, 5 students max. You must contact me for space availability (unless you're a "regular.") Mainly Boomers and long time students of mine but I wont card you!

Ambiyoga Video,  I made my first one (Moderate Level, a little weird as there are no students!). I may make another and have them Finally available to purchase in September.  That works best for me and the Videotographer, especially with whats on my plate today.

Private Classes,  In the event you would like a private session for yourself or one other person I have studio availability and can safely accomodate you.  This can include some Yoga Therapy as people are melting down a wee bit. Or I can do some beginning instruction/posture training.  Cost according to your income. Dont hesitiate to reach out, I am called to serve during this bizaare time.

Our Covid cases are on the rise, remain viligent, stand back, BREATHE, prioritize time for your practice.  lmk if you have any comments or questions. 

JAI SHANTE OM,  Ambi  (not big on KAREN these days!!)




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